No 70 MHz operation from Malta
by G3XFD
Published on 11 October 2005

Thanks to Rob G3XFD for forwarding to me some correspondance between the M.A.R.L and the Senior Technical Officer of the Maltese Wireless Telegraphy Branch.
The official's reply clearly states that "the 70 MHz band is not allocated to Amateur services, but to other services (Fixed and Mobile), it is not permissible for cross-band working by listening on 70 MHz and transmitting on another band."
And also that any application for a 70 MHz Beacon "is also not allowed."
He notes that "Our allocation is fully in line with the international tables of frequency allocations set out in the Radio Regulations of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)"

Sad news for Maltese Amateurs, and I suppose, a warning to anyone going on holiday over there not to take any rigs which will receive on 70 MHz!