C37MS DX-pedition report
by Jean-Jacques ON7EQ
Published on 18 August 2016

Just having returned, hereby a quick report of our activity on 4 m.
Although mountains blocked our take-off in Southern direction, we managed to make QSOs with CT, EA6, 9H in backscatter mode. Unfortunately no SP stations in the log, despite patience and persistance on both sides. Many thanks to the URA who made this activation of C37MS on 4 m possible. QSL to be addressed to URA and will be posted on LoTW too.

EA3HCJ Gerardo, C31KC Beli, C31US Joan (President of URA), ON5AEN Hans, ON7EQ Jean-Jacques. Thanks as well to C31JS Jose for his support.

Antennas for 2 m - left (stack 3 x 5 el. DK7ZB) and 4 m - right (stack 2 x 4 el. DK7ZB) - pointed QTF NE.

Worked squares on 4 m.