WE9XFT radio science beacon
by OZ2M
Published on 3 May 2010

At 1200 UTC today Brian, WA1ZMS, has commissioned a new beacon with the callsign WE9XFT from Virginia in USA, FM07FM. The beacon operates on 70.005 MHz and is GPS locked. Callsign and a short message is sent continously in CW at 18 WPM/90 LPM. It is a radio science beacon for E-Skip propagation purposes. ERP is 3 kW from a 3 el. yagi at 60°, i.e. Europe, and at 1280 mASL. The beacon is scheduled to run 24 hours a day until September 1st unless there are technical issues precluding that. The beacon is non-amateur and sadly no 2-way QSOs can take place.

Please send any and all reception reports via e-mail to Brian, WA1ZMS: his_call@att.net.