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Regular nets on 70MHz

Edinburgh9:45am on Sundays, after GB2RS news broadcast70.425 and 145.525 FM
ManchesterSundays, after GB2RS news broadcasts
10:55am and 9:25pm
70.425 (and 51.53) FM
East Cheshirefrom 19:30 on 2nd & 3rd Mondays of each month70.425 FM
Moray FirthTuesdays, 7pm local time70.450 FM and 70.200 USB
MidlandsTuesdays, 8pm local time70.260 AM
Poole, Dorset
Flight Refuelling ARS
Tuesday nights, from 8pm70.4 FM
Eirefirst Tuesday of each month, 8 to 10pm70.2625 FM
Reading & DistrictTuesdays, 9:30pm Local time70.425 FM
Rose & Crown RC
Wednesday nights, from 7pmFM channels
South London (Coulsdon)Wednesdays, from 9pm70.45 FM
North London
Southgate ARC
Wednesday evenings70.4 FM
ScunthorpeFridays, 7:30pm70.4625 FM
Newquayalternate Friday evenings70.400 FM
Weymouth areamost mornings70.45 FM & 70.2 USB
Leedsmost evenings, from 7pm70.4 FM
Bristol Channelmost evenings, usually from 10:30pm
Thursday evenings, from 10pm
70.45 +/- 0.25 FM
70.4125 with 2E0OTF-L
SW Wales
Llanelli ARC
up to 25 stations, active most evenings70.4375, 70.425 FM
Vale of Leven (Scotland)
every day70.45 FM
South Yorkshire 70.425 FM
Stoke-on-Trent 70.375 or 70.400 FM
Anglesey Listening 70.45 and 70.2625 FM
West Midlands 70.475 FM
Bromsgrove area 70.4625 FM
West Wales 70.375 FM
Lincolnshire 70.45 and 70.425 FM

Please post your news of local net activity to the News page, or on the Forum.

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