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The 4m beam that we used for the VHF Field day back in.... 86/87?
It was a 20 ele beam based on a design from Jack Hum's book. The Vhf/uhf conpanion (guidebook?)
I remember building it the night before field day. Infact I think the back 4 elements ended up being my 4m beam from the top of the Rock in ZB. I even think I left it there with ZB0T when I left.
Glad to see that 4m has come a long way since G0GTI and myself, as G6YZC, would hop around the country on a Sunday morning activating rare squares.
Paul (G6YZC, ZB0W, N1RJX)

Submitted by: G6YZC


  1. OH5LID | 28 April 2012


  2. OK1RP | 11 November 2012

    Hu all,

    really amazing !

    Do You have some article about it or repor how it worked in the reall practice?

    73 - Petr, OK1RP

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