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JN51XX on air byIQ0HL/0
Published on 11 June 2008 by IK0IXI
Friday June 13 Fabio will be QRV on 4m from the JN51XX as IQ0HL/0.
Random MS JT6M and Tropo/Es SSB/CW since 08:00z till 17:00z sharing the DK0A's team MS 2m/6m location already running. Rig: JRC HF + homemade XVTR and 4 el. yagi.

Portugal back on 70 MHz
Published on 29 May 2008 by ct1ffu/tony

From today on 29. 5. 2008 the Portuguese radioamateurs are again licenced by Anacom to use the 4m band.

This time with new allocation and secondary basis:
- 70,156 MHz- 70,286 MHz
- with 100 W EIRP.

Tnx all for all this years of work.

Best 73's all

May meeting of WGFM and ECA
Published on 25 May 2008 by EI3IO
I understand that most of the amendments to the ECA in the input document were accepted (including the footnote on 70 MHz). The draft update of the ECA, ERC Report 25 for the year 2008 was therefore adopted for public consultation.

As there is no formal 4 m Group and lobby body yet in existence, I hope IARU R1 will consider submitting a response to the consultation in support of the footnote and propose that the situation is reviewed when more countries have decided to allocate the band to the amateur service. As the instigator of the original proposal I'm sure the IRTS (Irish national society) will consider the issue as well.

Anyway - fingers crossed - lots of good news around plus excellent conditions on 4m yesterday, Saturday 24 May.
73s Dave EI3IO

T7 on 4m
Published on 25 May 2008 by EI3IO
Just spoke with T77C on 24 MHz. He told me they need additional permission in San Marino in addition to the Italian agreement. However he was hopeful that a T7 station would be QRV on 4m in June and a transverter is in the course of construction.
73s Dave EI3IO

European Common Allocation Table 2008
Published on 14 May 2008 by Bo, OZ2M

Here you can download the European Common Allocation Table 2008 document prior to the meeting in Bruxelles 18-23 May 2008. The 70 MHz band is mentioned on page 63, 64 and 210, absolute page numbers in the PDF file.

Download it here (4 MB).

Italy on 70 MHz during 2008
Published on 30 April 2008 by Tony I0JX
The authorization for a second 70 MHz ham-radio experimental campaign in Italy has been granted on April 30th 2008. Its validity lasts until December 31st 2008. The technical parameters and the operational conditions are the same as for the year-2007 experimental cycle. The I0JX/B beacon operating from Rome on 70,088 MHz has been re-activated.

DL3YEE also back on 4 m until August
Published on 1 April 2008 by G6GVI

Klaus, DL3YEE, also got permission to be QRV on 70 MHz again. This time from 1 May and until end of August 2008.

Conditions: 69,950 MHz, max bandwidth 2,7 kHz and max 10 W EIRP.

Germany - DI2PM back again until August
Published on 19 March 2008 by Bo, OZ2M

Today Hans, DL8PM, received a new permission to operate on 70 MHz with the callsign DI2PM.

Conditions: 69,950 MHz, max bandwidth 2,7 kHz and max 10 W EIRP.

During Hans’s first permission, expired 2008-02-29, he was very active and made over 100 QSOs. So with a new permission in hand and the Es season coming soon tons of QSOs can be expected.

Hans is very thankful to the German Bundes-Netz-Agentur.

Czech Republic now QRV on 70 MHz
Published on 27 February 2008 by Bo, OZ2M

Radio amateurs in the Czech Republic are now permitted to transmit on 70 MHz. The licensing conditions are: 70,2-70,3 MHz, 10 W ERP and up to 20 temporary licenses are valid until 2008-12-31.

Stations are already active. So if you have not got a first already now is the time to get it!

Licensed stations are:

*: Station known to be QRV.

Czech Republik on 4m
Published on 11 February 2008 by CT1HZE

The Czech PTT has announced that very soon 20 special 4m permits will be granted. QRG range 70.2- 70.3 MHz, 10 W ERP, all modes. The licences will be valid untill Dec 31st 2008.

Depending on the experiences in 2008 there are good chances for a general release in 2009.


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