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IARU R1 Countries with 4 m
Published on 8 May 2009 by EI3IO
I've just been browsing the IARU R1 web-site and its pages which cover 4 m. IARU's list of 4 m countries is, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Montenegro, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Somalia, South Africa, Sweden and United Kingdom.

I was interested to see Montenegro and Serbia listed. I already have Serbia confirmed but would be interested if anyone knows whether any stations are QRV from Montenegro as well as their licensing conditions.

Obviously they are also missing a few e.g. ES and OK to name but 2.

73s Dave EI3IO

4 m in OM
Published on 1 May 2009 by ok2poi
Slovak telecommunication office informed that OM calls can get special permission for 4 m. The permission is for 1 year, freq. 70.250-350 CW and 70.300-70.350 SSB FM, PWR 10 W ERP

Who is first?

73 Jiri OK2POI

DI2AX in JN49AX QRV on 70 MHz
Published on 26 April 2009 by DD7PC


Just for information - I received my permission to transmit on 69.9950 MHz in all modes. Permission is for 6 months from 1. Jun. - 30. Nov. 09.
My call is DI2AX in JN49AX.
I collected some information on http://dd7pc.qsl.nu/DI2AX.htm

hope for many contacts!


Mid Cornwall Beacons
Published on 7 April 2009 by G3TCU
Having just read that Ted, G3YJX has 'retired' as beacon keeper, may I offer thanks for all his efforts over the years on behalf of myself and I'm sure many others. The beacons on 4m (and the other bands) have been been really useful and I hope this can continue.

GB3MCB beacon
Published on 4 April 2009 by G6GVI

Ive just received an update from John G0VDU of the Mid Cornwall Beacon and Repeater Group (http://www.mcbarg.co.uk/):

May I ask you to correct the 4m web site as follows. G3YJX, Ted has reached that mile stone with too many turns on the coil and resigned as our Beacon keeper. He has been replaced by Phill Mathews M0PHM who looks after all of our beacons.

You may be aware that the MCB&RG ran into a little difficulty as electricity prices rose and our subscriber base fell we could no longer afford to run the beacons on 2m, 4m 6m, and 70cm and had planned to switch them off on the 2nd of April 2009.
News travels fast with the Internet and E-mails and we found that several groups and individuals responded with donations. Currently the 6m and 2m beacons are safe for a year. 4m and 70cm has been a little slow and my Chairman tells me we have sufficient funds to keep them going for about 6 months. We know the 4m beacon is listened to especially when there is a contest on and in extremes we would keep 4m going and switch off 70cm to save money. So rest assured that the 4m beacon isn't going off if we can help it as the MCB&RG but if your group can help via a appeal on your excellent web site I feel sure that would help.
A keen 4m contester down here in Cornwall suggested I write to you so that the Web Site you manage might be up-dated to the current situation.
Thanks for listening and enjoy 2m and 4m.
Note that there is a link on their website for donating funds towards their beacons via PayPal: http://www.geocities.com/repeater.group/donate.html

4 m CEPT in CT
Published on 1 April 2009 by CT1HZE
As far as I understand the new CT law that will be effective from April 29th 2009 4 m operation will be permitted for all CEPT class 1 licence holders.
QRG range 701570 to 702125 and
702375 to 702875. 100 W EIRP.
73 and GD DX to and from CT

4 m activity from USA
Published on 26 March 2009 by Bo OZ2M

Tom, K4RV, writes:

"My first 28 MHz to 70 MHz transverter is working well. I have built a 70 MHz yagi and hope to have it on my tower for the spring E season. I will be listening for crossband QSOs from Europe. There are many of us here in the USA who wish to have 50 MHz to 70 MHz crossband QSOs.

Because of our national conversion to HD television, many channel 4 (70 MHz) television stations have been reallocated to UHF. So hopefully we may get 4 meter transmit priviledges in some areas."

So don't forget to listen out for our friends from the USA, and Canada too, during the upcoming Es season.

The World first EME contact on 4m band
Published on 6 March 2009 by OK1TEH

On 15-Feb-2009, Andy GD0TEP and Willems ZS6WAB completed the first 4m "moonbounce" QSO, see http://www.gd0tep.com/wsjt/4m/World_1st_on_4m.htm

Andy says on his website that following tests carried out by himself and GD4GNH back in 2006 ( http://www.gd0tep.com/wsjt/4m/eme_on_70mhz.htm ), he finally found a suitable station to try for an EME contact on the 4 meter band. As a result, Andy and Willem, ZS6WAB in South Africa tried an EME sked on Friday evening, February 13th 2009. Unfortunately, his mast mounted transmit and receive relay failed due to water ingress.

Their 2nd try was the morning of February 15th. Visibility of the Moon at Andy's location came at 00:38 UTC and at 01:34 he received his first moon echo. About a minute later, Andy and Willem completed what both operators believe to be the world's first 4meter EME contact using the low noise JT65a digital mode. Screen shots of the QSO are on line at http://www.gd0tep.com/wsjt/4m/World_1st_on_4m.htm

The QRB is 9238,7km as you can check at http://www.ok2kkw.com/dxrecords.htm#70

Used equipment:
GD0TEP : 160W PA + 2x 8el yagi
ZS6WAB: GS35 PA + 2x10el yagi

73 & BIG CONGRATS to both
Matej, OK1TEH

VHF and up at the RSGB Convention
Published on 25 February 2009 by Reg G8VHI

The RSGB have issued the following press release.

RSGB Convention – Wyboston 9th–11th October 2009. This years event, at the Wyboston Lakes Conference centre in Bedfordshire, will for the first time, see the inclusion of a full stream of VHF lectures and presentations This new stream will run alongside the usual streams of HF, DX, Technical and Beginners lectures.  Here’s a great opportunity to meet the people involved at the leading edge of the use of the spectrum, in the usual lecture environment but more importantly in a social environment. As in previous years the Convention will be hosting the full range of UK licence exams.  A detailed programme will be available in due course.  So remember - RSGB Convention – Wyboston 9-11th October – see you there.

You will note that the RSGB Convention now encompasses VHF and above; Reg (G8VHI) and Neil (G3RIR) have been asked to run the new stream which will have the theme of

VHF/UHF/SHF DXing and Contesting through technical excellence and development but not forgetting the beginners to these bands.

We already have a number of excellent lectures planned but we would like to receive suggestions of which topics and lecturers you would like incorporated. Also, perhaps, some of you may wish to offer to give a talk within the theme.

Please feel free to distribute this e-mail to any one you think may be interested including any relevant reflectors.

Neil, G3RIR g3rir 'a' yahoo 'd' com
Reg, G8VHI regwoolley 'a' aol 'd' com

Austrian 4 m beacon QRV in summer
Published on 19 February 2009 by Peter OE5MPL

I am happy to announce, that we have received a license to operate a beacon on the 4 m band.

We did not get the vanity call OE5FOUR. Instead we got OE5QL. This is no Amateur Radio Call the Austrian PTT said. It is an Experimental Operation Radio Call.

Well, there are some restrictions. Time limit is 1 June and until 31 August 2009. Transmission is only 2 minutes per sequence between 04:00 and 19:47 UTC. Each sequence begins at full hour +00 min., +15 min., +30 min. and +45 min, e.g. 04:00-04:02, 04:15-04:17, 04:30-03:32 and 04:45-04:47. Transmission power is 1 W ERP the first minute of each sequence and 5 W ERP the second minute of each sequence.

If the beacon does not interfere with services outside of Austria, an extension is possible after August 2009 the Austrian PTT said.

Anyway after August 2009 we will try to negotiations for 24/7 duration period for the beacon.

This is just the first step, following the offered directives of our PTT in Vienna.

The beacon frequency is 70,045 MHz, location for the beacon JN78CJ, 860 mASL and the antenna a Half-Wave Vertical with Collins Filter design DK7ZB/OZ2M will be used.

Peter, OE5MPL