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Moving to Bahrain
Published on 9 August 2009 by EI3IO
Just a brief note to mention that I hope to be QRV shortly from A9, as I am in the process of moving to Bahrain from Ireland. I am likely to be in Bahrain for at least 2 years. No call-sign info is available as yet. You may find me on 20 m from September onwards and I want to be QRV on 160 m for the 2009/2010 winter season, depending on the time it takes to obtain residency etc. I have chosen a QTH (LL56fe) on the outskirts of the Manama conurbation which appears to be good for all bands 160 m to VHF. I plan to be QRV on most MF, HF and low VHF bands. However as many of you know 4 m and also 6 m are currently not available in A9. I shall be making every effort to obtain some access to 4 m (and 6 m) and will be taking a 4 element 4 m beam and transverter with me. As a minimum some cross-band activity could be possible between 4 m and 10 m in the 2010 Es season. 73s

OE5QL beacon
Published on 6 July 2009 by OE5MPL

OE5QL/b on 70.045 MHz was reported only by 5 stations since June 01 2009, it seems to me there is not such keen interest to study propagations on the 4 m band. The reason to receive licence from our PTT was to study propagations for the upcoming 24th solar cycle and unfortunately I am not able to give a statement of the necessary due the shortage of reports. Therefore I have decided not to ask for an extension onwards August 31 2009.

OE5QL info page: www.70mhz.org/oe5ql.htm and OE SWL Firsts here too: www.70mhz.org/firsts_oe.htm

EA & territories back on 70 MHz
Published on 29 June 2009 by David Butler
EA, EA6, EA8, EA9 stations have, as of 22 June, been allowed back onto 70 MHz until June 2010.

70.150 MHz +/- 6 kHz and 70.200 MHz +/- 6 kHz using 10W OUTPUT

PW 70 MHz Contest - Saturday 13 June
Published on 12 June 2009 by David Butler

Practical Wireless Low Power 70 MHz Contest Saturday 13 June 1100 - 1700 UTC


SATURDAY 13 JUNE 1100-1700 UTC

See Forum -> Contests

for further details

IRTS (Irish) News on 4 m
Published on 31 May 2009 by EI7IQ
The IRTS (National Society in EI) News service is transmitted every Sunday evening at 20.00 local time, from Co. Mayo in Ireland on 70.375 FM. This is part of a four band simulcast by the local club, The Mayo Radio Experimenters. The other frequencies are 145.6 (local repeater) 433.450 FM and 51.450 FM. Reception reports most welcome.

D4 on 4 m
Published on 28 May 2009 by CT1HZE
D44TD, Antonio is qrv now from Cabo Verde, HK86NO, on 4 m (70.200 RX and TX) with FT847 and 4 ele Yagi.
A nice challenge! GL

Slovak stations have an access to 70 MHz band
Published on 13 May 2009 by OM3EI
Since May 1st, 2009 Slovak (OM) stations have an access to 70 MHz band:

- Segment 70,250 – 70,350 MHz
- Max. 10 W ERP
- Extra class only
- Each station must apply for a special permission for 70 MHz

I hope there will be a good activity from Slovakia on 4 m.

Roman OM3EI

IARU R1 Countries with 4 m
Published on 8 May 2009 by EI3IO
I've just been browsing the IARU R1 web-site and its pages which cover 4 m. IARU's list of 4 m countries is, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Montenegro, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Somalia, South Africa, Sweden and United Kingdom.

I was interested to see Montenegro and Serbia listed. I already have Serbia confirmed but would be interested if anyone knows whether any stations are QRV from Montenegro as well as their licensing conditions.

Obviously they are also missing a few e.g. ES and OK to name but 2.

73s Dave EI3IO

4 m in OM
Published on 1 May 2009 by ok2poi
Slovak telecommunication office informed that OM calls can get special permission for 4 m. The permission is for 1 year, freq. 70.250-350 CW and 70.300-70.350 SSB FM, PWR 10 W ERP

Who is first?

73 Jiri OK2POI

DI2AX in JN49AX QRV on 70 MHz
Published on 26 April 2009 by DD7PC


Just for information - I received my permission to transmit on 69.9950 MHz in all modes. Permission is for 6 months from 1. Jun. - 30. Nov. 09.
My call is DI2AX in JN49AX.
I collected some information on http://dd7pc.qsl.nu/DI2AX.htm

hope for many contacts!