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Namibia on 70 MHz
Published on 31 March 2011 by OZ2M
Pieter, V51PJ, reports that Namibia has joined world of countries where radio amateur may operate on the 70 MHz band. The license conditions are similar to the ones for South Africa, i.e. 70,000 MHz to 70,300 MHz and 400 W in the SSB/CW section 70,000 MHz to 70,200 MHz.
Pieter has already worked South Africa several times on both meteor scatter and tropo.

Status on the Polish 70 MHz access
Published on 24 March 2011 by OZ2M
According to Polski Klub UKF the Polish access to 70 MHz will be delayed about three months. This is due to the receipt of other frequencies and the need for their rapid development for the EURO 2012. This will be a project, involving a change of the national frequency spectrum takes into account the intended use for the amateur services, and currently undergoing legislative procedures frequencies referred to above.

Fifties ... Old French 72 MHz band nostalgia
Published on 31 January 2011 by F2RS
I opened my "Ham career" (!) in the late fifties (cycle 19) on the 72 MHz band. Fantastic!
During summer I was able to make from Paris 10 Watt AM QSOs with FA3/9 xx (then French Algeria).
I have worked more than 300 countries on 14/21, but I am still nostalgic.

Hope a French "4 m" authorisation!
Ray - F2RS (ex. FO8CA)

Poland soon on 70 MHz
Published on 17 January 2011 by OZ2M
The Polish ministry of infrastructure has announced that 70,1 MHz to 70,3 MHz will "soon" be available to radio amateur service on secondary basis. The maximum power will be 20 W EIRP.

The new frequency allocation plan will enter into force 14 days after its final approval. Prior to the final approval is the consultation period that ends 18 February 2011. It is important to note that the webpage does not say how long the final approval will last, but adding the dates etc. it cannot be before 4 March 2011.

Czech Republic continues its allocation into 2011
Published on 27 December 2010 by OZ2M
Jiri, OK2POI, reports that he has just received his 4 m license for 2011. This is a continuation of the Czech Republic allocation into 2011 with same conditions as in 2010 for those who apply.

OE5QL continues its operation in 2011
Published on 24 December 2010 by OZ2M
The Austrian 70 MHz beacon continues its operation in 2011 Peter, OE5MPL, reports. The conditions will be the same as in 2010, i.e. 70,045 MHz, bigwheel antenna and transmission HH:00-HH:02, HH:15-HH:17, HH:30-HH:32 and HH:45-HH:47.

Iceland continues its allocation on 4 m
Published on 23 December 2010 by OZ2M
In a newsletter from ÍSLENSKIR RADÍÓAMATÖRAR (Í.R.A.)/ICELANDIC RADIO AMATEURS Jónas Bjarnason, TF2JB, and President of Í.R.A. says that Iceland will continues its allocation on 4 m until 2012-12-31. Frequency span: 70.000-70.200 MHz. Access is granted on secondary basis. Maximum bandwidth is 16 kHz and power limit is 100 W. Licensees need to apply to the PTA for a special license. The experimental license is open to both "N" and "G" license classes.

4 m Web Site Vacancy
Published on 9 November 2010 by GM4AFF
If anyone is interested in getting involved in the management of the 4 m web site let me know. You would need experience in managing a CMS system running on a MySQL database. PHP skills are also a big advantage. You ought to be a licenced ham too.

Contact me at stewart at gm4aff.net if you're interested.

New GB2RS broadcast on 4 metres
Published on 22 October 2010 by GM4AFF
Starting this Sunday October 17th there will be a GB2RS broadcast from East Bedfordshire on 70.425 MHz.
The transmission will be at 10.00 local and will be simultanious with the existing 2M broadcast from the same location.
This is initialy for a 6 week trial but will continue indefinately if there is an audience.
The coverage is estimated to be Herts, Beds, Bucks, Cambs, Northants and the west of Essex and Suffolk.

Any reports will be appreciated a few minutes after close down at 10.30 or by email to g4oxy@btinternet.com

New OY bandplan for 70 MHz
Published on 22 October 2010 by GM4AFF
From 1 November 2010 the new 4 meter band in OY will be from 69.950-70.500 MHz and 100 Watt.
This is valid for license class A, B & D.