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Use of FM calling frequency
Published on 24 June 2005 by gw1mcd
Many years ago, when 4m transceivers were scarce, and most were rock-bound on 70.260, QSOs were often held on what was then the calling frequency. But the situation is different now: there are many hundreds of ex-PMR and black-box transceivers in use on the 4m FM band within the UK, and from a good site it is quite common to hear many competing QSOs on 70.450. I am sure that many other users, like myself, have to switch off their receivers, as the calling channel has become unusable.
Please remember, even if you cannot hear multiple QSOs, others can: here at 650ft ASL, it is quite normal to hear stations from Wiltshire, Somerset, and the Midlands, as well as the locals.
Almost all of the sets in use today have multiple channels, so may I request that all users QSY from 70.450 when having their natter.