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4 m consultation in Belgium
Published on 12 December 2015 by Jean-Jacques ON7EQ

This to inform you that our national telecom authority (BIPT/IBPT) has launched on 4 December a public consulation regarding the possibility of expansion of our 4 m band (currenty 70.190 MHz- 70.4125 MHz) to 70,1125 MHz - 70,4125 MHz, all modes, and increase of power (25 W to 50 W), still on a secondary basis.

This in view of the fact that professional users are apparently no longer using this band segment.

As with previous similar public consultations, it can be expected that the band will be effectively be expanded within next weeks. A good thing - besides further widening the available segment for traffic - is that some planned beacon(s) could now be relocated as far as possible 'down the band' instead of somewhere in the upper segment.