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Macedonia expands the 4 m allocation
Published on 17 August 2015 by Dave EI3IO
I have received an email from the President of the IARU Member Society in Macedonia which states that the Macedonian administration (Agency for Electronnic Coommunication) has granted a request by the Radio Amateur Union of the Republic of Macedonia for further access to the 70 MHz band and has approved the following frequencies: 70.000 MHz, 70.075 MHz, 70.125 MHz an 70.275 MHz for Radio Amateur activities on a secondary basis .... date of issue 01.08.2015 and date of expiry 31.12.2016. It is not quite clear how wide these allocations are. However if we refer to the Macedonian National Plan on pages 136 - 138 you will find that the band comprises 12.5 kHz channels in accordance with CEPT Recommendation T/R 25-08.