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New 4 m repeater ON0ABT on air
Published on 14 July 2014 by Jean-Jacques ON7EQ
Last weekend a new 4 m repeater has been activated with call sign ON0ABT on 70.3875 MHz, locator JO11PC, output 25 W on 5/8 antenna elevated 55 mASL.
The main purpose of setting up this repeater was to stimulate the activity on the 4m band, by providing a limited 'relay' function for the sparse stations active on this band, and on the other hand provide them a possibility to perform tests an optimization of their station.
Due to the limited bandwidth of the band and the IARU bandplan to which the UBA wants to adhere to, a full duplex was out of question to be achieved - therefore a simplex  'echophone' was provided as alternative.
FM signals modulated with a CTCSS tone of 79.7 Hz during at least 3 seconds will be recorded op to 60 seconds, and played back - if the frequency is clear. After being repeated, the message will be followed by an accurate S-meter report in CW, this can be handly to adjust antenna, check propagation etc. Every 20 minutes, when the frequency is clear, a beacon will be sent in CW.
As 70.3875 MHz is the  'standby' frequency in the Western part of Flanders, probably that signals from across the borders (Southern UK & The Netherlands) can reach the locals ham's through the repeater.
Any reception report is mostly welcome!