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Belgian hearing for an expansion of the 4 m band
Published on 10 June 2013 by Jean-Jacques ON7EQ
For your information , our national (Belgian) radio administration has launched a public enquiry regarding the extension of the 4m band and an increase in power. For time being, we have 69.950 MHz and 70.200-400 MHz with 10 W ERP,  this would be extended to 70.190 - 4125 MHZ and 50 W power output at TRX - hence offering new possibilities for DX-ing, especially towards EA, Iceland, ... These amendements were proposed by the UBA and all parties have the opportunity to enter their comment till 27 June 2013.

On the other hand, a 4 m beacon is planned in central Belgium, application for the license is being processed, equipments are ready to go on-air!  Frequency will be most probably around 70.222 MHz, as operation within the IARU beacon segment was refused by telecom authorities, even as a single exception.