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WG2XPN beacon on 4 m
Published on 9 May 2013 by Brian WA1ZMS
Good news, as of 23:30z on May 8, 2013 this year's North American 4 m Eskip propagation beacon on 70.005 MHz is now QRV. The FCC Experimental License for one-way transmissions only was granted the day before. So I did my best to get the system back on the air and is now operational. The technical specs are the same as they have been in years past. TX freq is 70.005 MHz and is GPS locked. Emission mode right now is CW. (There are plans to add JT65 later in June thanks to the 4 m OZ-land ops!)

To review: the new callsign is WG2XPN. ERP is 3 kW from a 3 ele yagi at 15 m AGL. QTH is FM07FM. Yagi is aimed at 60° true to the EU. This callsign is valid for a full 2 years and can be renewed which I plan to do when it is time to do so.

Please understand that if there are ANY reports of QRM to the US domestic TV service, the beacon must QRT. The site is also located inside the US National Radio Quiet Zone where much radio astronomy work takes place. They too have QRT authority over my operations. There have not been any QRM issues in years past and I wish to keep it that way. There is really no chance that a 4 m amateur band will exist in the US for as far as anyone can see into the future. So for the pure study of TA Eskip, this beacon exists. My personal goal is for 2 m TA, and this helps gauge the likelihood of a possible 2 m TA path. Much remains to be learned.

I again want to extend my thank you to the Society of Broadcast Engineers and the FCC's OET office for yet again letting such one-way beacon operations take place in the US.