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Italy on 70 MHz status
Published on 14 March 2013 by Bo OZ2M
I have been informed that that someone had given me imprecise information on the 70 MHz licensing conditions.

It is not true that the Italian Ministry of Economic Development has "cancelled" its first 4 m permit (Jan 29) lasting until the end of 2013. The new authorization (Feb 8) is aimed at "integrating" (the text so exactly reads) the previous one,  stating that - due to certain bureaucratic reasons - an extra formal request has to be submitted for continuing to operate after 180 days, that is in period 5 August - 31 December 2013.

Moreover, in the second authorization they extended the list of neighbouring countries (that initially was France, Switzerland and Austria), including Slovenia and Croatia too. Probably that was just a mistake, due to the fact that they plainly copied the text of an old authorization, when Slovenia and Croatia amateurs were not allowed to operate on 4 meters.