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IARU Region 1 matters for Vienna meeting in April
Published on 5 February 2013 by OZ2M
The proposals for the IARU Region 1 VHF Managers' meeting in Vienna 19-21 April have been released. Some of the proposals concern the 4 m band.

Page 3: RSGB – The band plan and the allocation for beacons and MS calling frequency 70,250 MHz.
Page 9: RSGB – Band plan modernization and updates
Page 36: UBA – Assign preferred frequencies for repeaters and gateways in the 4 m band
Page 40: UBA – A complete review of the footnotes concerning the bandplans

Editor’s notes: Indeed 90/100 kHz may seem a lot in comparison to the total narrow band segment. However, beacons are a vital part of detecting conditions and is in some case the only signal originating out of a country where no traffic allocation has been granted. Furthermore, has very little, if any, traffic taken place below 70,1 MHz before the latest expansion of the beacon band.
An alternative “long range band plan” may work better and should be what is aimed for.
MS operation often takes place from 70,270 MHz to 70,295 MHz as this segment covers most of the currently active countries.

Pages 23-25: NRRL – Coordinated National VHF+ Activity Contests
Pages 25-26: VERON - SSB/CW contest in the 70 MHz band

Editor’s note: 24 hours seems like a lot giving the potential number of stations to work. Perhaps an idea to exclude MS operation from the daytime part of the contest and perhaps possible to work a station more than ones provided a minimum time gap. As activity and number of participants increase these special conditions may be reduced and finally deleted.