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IC-7100 available in spring 2013
Published on 21 November 2012 by Bo OZ2M
According to ICOM UK the interest for the new ICOM IC-7100 there has been much excitement from the radio amateur community. ICOM UK expects that the IC-7100 will be available in UK in sprin 2013.
The news release does not seem to address important features like:
  • Strong signal handling capabilities, e.g. OIRT signals
  • Variable power control and overshoot management to avoid destroying external power amplifiers
  • MGM performance
  • AGC off, fast, medium and slow
  • Transmission from 69,9 MHz and to 70,5 MHz
  • Split operation
  • Heat disipation and long time transmissions
  • Using CW memory and PTT keying without using VOX