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Italy back on 4 m in 2012
Published on 25 December 2011 by Bo OZ2M
Great news from Italy. Professor Piero Tognolatti, I0KPT, has informed that the Italian military authorities have granted the use of the 70 MHz band in Italy for period 1 February - 31 December 2012 (thus covering the transequatorial propagation period). The authorization is about to be issued by our Telecommunications Ministry. Please note that the authorization has not yet been issued at the time of writing!

The University of l'Aquila announces that the military authorities have accepted their request to carry out experiments on the 70 MHz band:

Experimental radiopropagation activities on the 70 MHz band
Students of the concerned courses please be informed that, following an extraordinary authorization request for experimenting radio propagation in the 70 MHz amateur band, forwarded to the Ministry of Economic Development - Department of Communications, the entitled military office expressed its agreement to the requested authorization, which will be valid 1 February through 31 December 2012. We are awaiting the completion of the authorization process on part of the Ministry.

The experiments will be possible thanks to the participation of the worldwide amateur radio community with their stations scattered all over the globe. We will try to exploit, in particular, the tropospheric and
sporadic-E propagation modes.

Professor Piero Tognolatti (I0KPT)

Director of Electrical Engineering and Information Department, and full Professor of Electromagnetic Fields at the Università dell’Aquila.

More information in Italian.