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GB3MCB beacon
Published on 4 April 2009 by G6GVI

Ive just received an update from John G0VDU of the Mid Cornwall Beacon and Repeater Group (http://www.mcbarg.co.uk/):

May I ask you to correct the 4m web site as follows. G3YJX, Ted has reached that mile stone with too many turns on the coil and resigned as our Beacon keeper. He has been replaced by Phill Mathews M0PHM who looks after all of our beacons.

You may be aware that the MCB&RG ran into a little difficulty as electricity prices rose and our subscriber base fell we could no longer afford to run the beacons on 2m, 4m 6m, and 70cm and had planned to switch them off on the 2nd of April 2009.
News travels fast with the Internet and E-mails and we found that several groups and individuals responded with donations. Currently the 6m and 2m beacons are safe for a year. 4m and 70cm has been a little slow and my Chairman tells me we have sufficient funds to keep them going for about 6 months. We know the 4m beacon is listened to especially when there is a contest on and in extremes we would keep 4m going and switch off 70cm to save money. So rest assured that the 4m beacon isn't going off if we can help it as the MCB&RG but if your group can help via a appeal on your excellent web site I feel sure that would help.
A keen 4m contester down here in Cornwall suggested I write to you so that the Web Site you manage might be up-dated to the current situation.
Thanks for listening and enjoy 2m and 4m.
Note that there is a link on their website for donating funds towards their beacons via PayPal: http://www.geocities.com/repeater.group/donate.html