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Finland expands allocation to include 200
Published on 2 April 2014 by OZ2M
Finnish amateurs are now allowed to transmit in the segment from 70,175 MHz to 70,225 MHz also. This means that the total Finnish allocation is now from 70,0 MHZ to 70,3 MHz.

REF addresses 4 m with regulator
Published on 1 April 2014 by Bo OZ2M
REF of France informes that in a recent meeting between the French National Society (REF) and the French National Regulatory Authority (ARCEP), REF raised the issue of access to a number of frequency allocations, including 70 MHz.
ARCEP was informed that 15 European countries had provided access to 70 MHz. The regulator agreed to review again the possibility of a 70 MHz allocation.

Another 4 m operation from Sweden
Published on 31 March 2014 by Bo OZ2M
I will be doing a presentation about the Next Generation Beacons project and OZ7IGY at the ESR AGM at 12 April next to the Grimeton VLF transmitter. PTS has granted me a permit to perform a live demonstration of 4 m. The operating frequency is 70,1375 MHz, with a 25 kHz channel spacing and maximum power is 25 W ERP. See more at VUSHF DX.

Finland to obtain contiguous use of 70.0 - 70.3 MHz
Published on 4 March 2014 by Zaba OH1ZAA
Very soon at least the 70.190 - 70.200 MHz window on 4 meters will be available to ALL licensed countries, as Finland will incorporate the full 70.0 - 70.3 MHz range in its new Radio Frequency Regulation. Special licenses will already be issued for the coming Es-season for individual applicants, until the new Regulation will be completed in early 2015 (then allowing access to all licencees as a general rule)... More details will follow later.

Bulgaria to include 4 m
Published on 13 February 2014 by Bo OZ2M
In November 2012 the Bulgarian Federation of Radioamateurs, BFRA, sent a proposal to the Bulgarian regulator with a request to resolve the new bands and possibly to expand the existing ones. The 70.0-70.5 MHz band can be used by the amateur service on a secondary basis. On 12 February the Council of Ministers adopted the new radio spectrum plan. The decision has to be published in the Official Gazette prior to coming into force. So it is time to brush up on your Bulgarian and Cyrillic skills.

Czech Republic continues on 4 m in 2014
Published on 19 November 2013 by Bo OZ2M
Matej, OK1TEH, reports that amateurs can continue to use the 4 m band in 2014.The number of individual licenses from 1 January 2014 remains to be 50 stations.

Sweden on 4 m again this time from SK5AA
Published on 10 October 2013 by Bo OZ2M
PeO, SM5EPO, reports that Västerås Radioklubb, SK5AA, are celebrating their 70 anniversary. To further mark this event the Swedish telecom regulator, PTS, has granted a 4 m license to SK5AA from 1 November 2013 to 31 December 2013, both dates included. The operating frequency is 70,1375 MHz, with a 25 kHz channel spacing and maximum power is 20 W ERP. Operation has to be within 40 km from Högsbo 536, SE-740 45 Tärnsjö.
PeO, expect to use his Elecraft K3 with an OZ transverter running 20 W ERP using a 4 el yagi at 6 m above ground from JP80MC.

Expedition report from SP7VC's Nordic trip
Published on 31 August 2013 by Mek SP7VC
Thanks to all who joined via radio my Nordic trip, and for those who patiently wait for each single QSO made during this event. Summary is: 21 more or less wanted squares mainly in 4 m and 6 m, 11 IOTA Islands along the Finnish and Norwegian border. During the trip 287 QSOs on 4 m, 202 QSO on 6 m MS/CW/SSB and more than 4800 on HF was made, unfortunately not all stations worked due to aurora, bad weather or equipment malfunction, but that's the life in the field. Trip distance reached 10100 km in 30 days of journey.

QSL card are on design stage, anyone who is interested please take look on my website. Due to some missing cards and letters with SASE in my 20+ years radio activity, decided to do it modern way - easy and secured PayPal. If you have enjoyed my DX pedition and feel free to help make another one in the future - with small donation. All others QSLs will go via bureau.

Linear Amp with new solid state 4 m and 6 m PA
Published on 23 August 2013 by OZ2M | Updated on 9 September 2013
Linear Amp LAUNCH all new GEMINI solid state Linear Amplifier range.
Linear Amp are pleased to announce the launch of the GEMINI all new linear amplifier range.
Designed, manufactured and assembled entirely the UK, the GEMINI linear amplifier is an all new solid state linear amplifier with 300 W output available in 6, 4 and 2 m versions.
Designed to fill a market gap between the low power outputs of transverters and smaller rigs and the 1kW plus amplifiers that not all users want or can afford the Gemini range combines low drive requirements with instant on solid state performance. Furthermore GEMINI is a complete turnkey solution incorporating an integral 50 V linear power supply so no external PSU is required.
First production will be a with 4 m and 6 m version to be followed with 6 m (50 MHz) and 2 m (144 MHz) versions.
  • Solid state instant-on design
  • Integral 50 V linear power supply
  • Advanced cooling design ensures high duty cycle operation for MGM modes with low fan noise
  • In-built sequencer
  • Full protection against overdrive, high SWR and over-temperature
  • Ultra compact all aluminium chassis measuring just 270 w x 300 d x 120 h mm
  • Input drive levels from 3 W – 25 W can be specified
The first public appearance of GEMINI will be at the National Hamfest , Newark on 28th/28th September on The DX Shop Stand. First deliveries of the product will be in October. The price is 849 GBP incl. VAT. Full details are available at www.linearamp.co.uk or by calling The DX Shop on 01588 620126.

IW9GDC/B new beacon on 4 m
Published on 15 August 2013 by Bo OZ2M
Emanuele, IW9GDC, reports that the IW9GDC/B beacon in JM78SD is now up and running on 70,092 MHz using 7 W to a Big Wheel. The beacon is frequency and time locked to GPS and transmits PI4 (call) + CW ID (call and locator) and carrier. Please send your listener report to Emanuele.