4m tests from TF to VE in 1960s/70s

News and views on the 50th anniversary of Four Metres in 2006, and recollections of the band in its early decades

4m tests from TF to VE in 1960s/70s

Postby G6GVI » Fri 23 Jun 2006, 15:48

Some history from Don G3JHM:
I have now located the original licence holder of VE2AIO-it is now rteissued and he lives in GM still with an amateur licence
(GM4ESD in Fife). I had a long chat with him about the tests in the late 60's and early 70's. The following information has become available from Geoff Kennedy. The first receiption of TF3VHF was made using a specvial correlation system to average out the noise by build up the level of the signal. It was stored and viewed on tape(paper I believe). There was no audible signal.
The second reception of TF3VHF was fully audible arround the 559 level and was recorded by Geoff. Somewhere he still has the tape stored. Currently he is searching for the tape to prove the doubters totally wrong.

He also conforms that TF3EA and the beacon were both fully licenced. My comments ona two way crossband contact were not quite correct. VE2AIO was heard by TF3EA on 6M but not at the same time as on 70 MHz.
All results occured during Au E openings with a fully coherent T9 signal in all cases. The path betwen VE and TF passes very close to the peak Au zone(VE2AIO).

Regretably TF3EA is a silent key but Geoff Mike G3JVL and myselt are both in out 70's and remerber the tests.
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Postby VE9AA » Sun 15 Oct 2006, 20:27

Geoff GM4esd/ex ve2aio has been kind enough and went to a lot of effort to copy a bunch of stuff over from tape to digital for us the past few months and this week I got a CD in the post of the recordings. It'll be cool to hear the TF 4m beacon as heard in VE2........WOW!
Can't wait.
Will post update once I hear some.
73 de VE9AA Mike FN66na
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Re: 4m tests from TF to VE in 1960s/70s

Postby GM4JJJ » Mon 7 Nov 2016, 17:56

I just realised that Geoff was the guy that I knew at work back in about 1980. We had a number of hams working between several different buildings and divisions. Geoff found out I was interested in 50 MHz crossband and had picked up some USA 6m with a dipole and old Eddystone 770R. He wasn't active at that time as far as I knew, I just recalled that he had been on 6m when in Canada and was not interested in putting on a station now as he didn't have the room for a real antenna where he now was. He mentioned he had built a scanning panoramic receiver of some kind. I wish I had been able to meet him more often than just the occasional lunch break in the canteen. He worked in a different building and our paths didn't cross very often.

I didn't realise that he recently had been living in a place that I passed in my car fairly frequently.

I was overjoyed to find out about his whereabouts, then totally saddened to find that he died recently.

GM4ESD - Geoffrey Lawrence Murray Mackenzie-Kennedy died October 18th 2015 Ninewells Hospital Dundee. EX VQ8AK, VE3GL, VE2AIO, LX2AO

RIP Geoff, what an interesting life you had.

David GM4JJJ
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