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Postby M0KBD » Tue 8 Mar 2016, 16:43

hi i will be buying a new kenwood ts 2000 x and any advice on a suitable transverter for 4 metre band whould be very helpfull 73 thanks paul :D :
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Re: transverters

Postby G4HTZ » Wed 9 Mar 2016, 11:08

Hi Paul
I have a ts2000x ..nice radio despite what some might say.

I use a ME4T transverter with mine ...if you look in the equipment section on here you can see what I paid.
I went for the optional fans and stability crystal .....obviously bit more expensive than a spectrum transverter but no as expensive as a DB6NT transverter .

I used to use a 7100 but found that a bit deaf on 4m .

Nice thing about the ts2000 is that you can put it into transvert mode , which gives a max of 5w out ...ideal for the ME4T you can programme the display for direct read out on 70mhz...which is nice to have.
I also use my ts2000 to drive my 10ghz transverter.

ME4T has about a 0.8 db nf which is proberly not really necessary to have on 4m but again nice to have .
Look forward to working you on 4m some time
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