Foundation licence equipment????

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Foundation licence equipment????

Postby M3HXE » Mon 26 Jan 2015, 19:54

I know that this has been asked many times before,

but what Transceivers can a foundation license holder use on 4m ???
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Re: Foundation licence equipment????

Postby G4IJE » Mon 26 Jan 2015, 22:23

That's an interesting question. BR68/F says:


4(1) The Licensee shall only use transmitting equipment conforming to EC standards or commercially available kits transmitting inside amateur bands only.

So, presumably "conforming to EC standards" means anything CE marked is OK - I guess? I wonder if that precludes modified PMR gear though? It may have a CE mark, but would modifying it for amateur service negate that?

BTW, my Anytone AT-588 is CE marked and I guess all the current influx of cheap radios from the far-east would be too.
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Re: Foundation licence equipment????

Postby G6JYB » Mon 26 Jan 2015, 23:34

BR68/F is totally irrelevant as its been obsolete for years

The current Ofcom licence (and this wont change in the new one in April) says:-

7(2) Where this Licence is a Foundation Licence, the Licensee shall only use commercially
available Radio Equipment which satisfies IR 2028. Foundation Licence holders may also
use Radio Equipment constructed using commercially available kits which satisfy IR 2028.

- and IR2028 (which will need an update soon) is on the Ofcom website at:-


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