Ascom SE 550

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Ascom SE 550

Postby M0HLM » Tue 30 Sep 2014, 07:39

I got the original CTCSS board for the Ascom SE550, (was sold on Ebay as ctcss board)
I purchased as well a programming adaptor, (Ascom SE550 Mobilfunkgeräte KFZ-Einschub Halterung mit Programmierschnittstelle),
I got a RS232 - 9 pin wire, (only the PC side the RS232 plug got a internal connection between Pin 1, Pin 4, Pin 6),
I got the PA3EKI Original Software (Ipp550),
On the rear I put in jumper in the 8 pin socket,
but the Ascom isn't going into the Cloning mode, why not,
please can anyone help.

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