Philips FM1000 Transporter Question

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Philips FM1000 Transporter Question

Postby MM0ZIF » Sat 23 Aug 2014, 12:35

If anyone has a Transportable, I got one from a certain UK Supplier, and I've emailed them repeatedly, I got no cables for the charger so am looking for the pin out of the DIN socket on the left hand side of the unit.
likewise if anyone knows of a spec sheet I'd appreciate it (prehaps a service manual) my googlefu has failed me this time

73 and ta
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Re: Philips FM1000 Transporter Question

Postby GM1SXV » Fri 28 Aug 2015, 16:33

Not been on here for a while, and I guess this is probably irrelevant by now, but I do have the answer to this.
Do post if you still read this site and still need the info.
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