2. Would you be interested in a 70mhz transceiver CW/SSB/FM

Don't be afraid to ask any questions pertaining to the 4 m band...

Would you like a 70mhz transceiver like this ?

Poll ended at Thu 5 Apr 2012, 10:49

Total votes : 43

Postby EC1DR » Wed 4 Apr 2012, 20:09

Yesss, i like... :D
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4 mtr transceiver

Postby G3IOI » Fri 6 Apr 2012, 23:21

I would be interested in an all mode 4 mtr tcvr with a reasonable power output and replace my transverter.
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70MHz tranciever

Postby GM8KPH » Sun 8 Apr 2012, 07:49

I would like it to include AM, but still interested at that price.
Martin Hobson,
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Postby G3KJX » Mon 9 Apr 2012, 13:31

YES but cw a must,orget FM.
Brian a G3KJX
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70MHz tranciever

Postby IK0SMG » Tue 24 Apr 2012, 05:23

YES ... very interested at that price


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Postby IK0BZY » Tue 24 Apr 2012, 05:26

In few words .....YES I would !


73 de IK0BZY Enrico
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4 m TRCV

Postby SP5CCC » Tue 24 Apr 2012, 14:20

Hi to all funs of 4 m band!
I appreciate idea to create a dedicated 4 m band trcv.
The emost important in my case is a mobility of such a device and access to CW and SSB.

73, Tom
73, Tom SP5CCC
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Yes from Me ...

Postby M1CQN » Sun 29 Apr 2012, 08:52

It would be nice to have a 70mhz ssb and fm , cw , never heard any one on am but this would maybe start people ( Hams ) using am aswell ...
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Postby G4KLX » Thu 3 May 2012, 11:35

There is an SDR available for 70 MHz, I found it by chance a while ago. You can see it at <http> and while it uses a sound card rather than direct sampling, it does represent a very interesting entry into the world of SDRs on the VHF bands for those willing to experiment.

Disclaimer: I have no connection with the UHFSDR, nor have I used one.

Jonathan G4KLX
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Postby M1GRY » Fri 4 May 2012, 14:04

When I was at the Dayton hamfest last year, I was chatting to a chap on the Alinco stand (seemed to be from the HQ in Japan) about the 4m band, and I suggested that there might be a market opportunity to sell an all-mode transceiver incorporating the 4m band. I had a copy of PW with me and I showed him adverts for a 4m FM rig (to demonstrate the interest in the UK). I will be back again this year, and it will be interesting to have the same chat to see whether or not my suggestion fell on deaf ears :(

As for the poll +1. My attempts to homebrew anything 4m related have gone no-where :?

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Thank You

Postby PD0HNI » Sun 6 May 2012, 20:44

I like to thank everybody for the input.

I will make shore that all your info is send to the product developer.
And than we wait what his reaction is.

' 73 Jan / pd0hni
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Postby EA1YV » Wed 9 May 2012, 14:38

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Re: Target Market?

Postby IK4WTU » Mon 18 Jun 2012, 00:41

GW8ASD wrote:
GM4AFF wrote: A tuning knob is essential.
If it was an SSB/CW only, tunable, sensitive, SDR style, cheapish kit, then I would buy it.

That would work for me.


Yes,me too!! Transverter is good,but the HF transceiver is everytime busy to be an I.F.
We are Waiting a 4 meters transceiver simple and smart,if cheap better!
73, Alberto ik4wtu.
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Postby G7TOK » Mon 18 Jun 2012, 08:09

I wouldn't even be that fussed about memories.

500Khz Stable VFO
ALC/AMP control on rear
PC level audio i/p & o/p
N-TYPE connector
Large, clear properly calibrated S-Meter.
RF gain.
10w or 100w option

Most importantly a very good receiver

Less important.
SDR I/Q output
Passband tuning
Variable bandwidth
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Re: 2. Would you be interested in a 70mhz transceiver CW/SS

Postby M0ANO » Fri 24 Aug 2012, 17:11

PD0HNI wrote:Would you be interested in a 70mhz transceiver SSB/CW/FM.

• Frequency: 70MHz - 4m Amateur band (66-88MHz) ( software programmable )
• With the possibility for SSB / CW / FM
• Operating Voltage - 13.8v
• Output Power: 5/10/25W adjustable
• 250 memory channels (FM)
• digi mode connection (AF)
• continuous tuning (SSB)
+AUX in/out, plus keying
+Split frequency operation with dual RX.
+Ability to connect audio to PC with proper TX switching, for data modes
• Filter to reduce noise.
• Squelch adjustable

• Would you spend $ 200 on a 70mhz transceiver like this ?

or NO
:) yes
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