OX4M Beacon on 4m + Part 2 with OX4MB

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OX4M Beacon on 4m + Part 2 with OX4MB

Postby OH2MA » Fri 21 Jul 2017, 11:01

Hi all,

Part 2.

Need to put update on this as last night 24th July at 2155z got another surprise as OX4MB beacon came in and peaked 579 at the best. It was readable almost 20min. This time also Bo OX3LX was QRV, but no luck with QSO. Tnx Bo for trying hard - Hunting is to be continued.

73 de jukka - OH2MA

Part 1.

Hi all,

I wish I could inform that I have made QSO, but instead, this is RX report on OX beacon. However, I think this is quite rare (at least for me..) and worth of info. I heard well OX4M beacon on 19th July at 2154z. It popped out from noise and peaked up to 559 level and was very well readable during 5min. Same time OX6M beacon was 599+ on 6m.

This was 2nd time I have heard OX signal on 4m. First one heard was Bo OX3LX 2012.

Just hoping to get QSO as well some day. This is something to dreaming about and keep a good hunting up.

73 de Jukka - OH2MA
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