CT1HZE worked 4M Crossband to 6M

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CT1HZE worked 4M Crossband to 6M

Postby K1SIX » Tue 9 Aug 2016, 19:59

CT1HZE is in the log again, 70.200 to 50.083 CW 6 meter to 4 meter crossband on 9 August 2016 at 1750 UTC. Joe's 4M signals peaked to 599 here in southwest New Hampshire. Joe and I work regularly on 4M to 6M crossband and I have heard him during the month of August via Es in the past but this is the latest that we have completed.

My 4M results are updated annually at:

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Re: CT1HZE worked 4M Crossband to 6M

Postby HA5CBM » Tue 6 Sep 2016, 11:06

Hello Bob!

One test HA region? :)
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