G beacons in Southern England

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G beacons in Southern England

Postby G0JHC » Sun 26 Mar 2017, 07:46

Can anyone down there tell me if GB3WSX GB3BAA GB3RAL GB3MCB are QRV on 4m please?
I have been back on 4m 3 weeks now (QRT 3 yrs) and have yet to hear them. I have stayed on their freq for hrs and not heard a ping never mind tropo.
I am asking in particular this morning as 4m tropo seems very good.
My local bcn GB3BUX is 599+10 at 75km, The NI bcn GB3CFG is a steady 569 at 210KM, EI4RF IS 589 at 230km and GB3ANG is 599 at 320km. The above bcns I can copy 24/7 at the worst 519-539, but I have yet to hear the list from the south in the 250km range. MCB is 400km. Whats the deal with the southern beacons do they all point south?
Please confirm if any of them are QRV. Thanks Neil G0JHC
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Re: G beacons in Southern England

Postby G0JHC » Mon 27 Mar 2017, 16:30

34 reads but no replies?
guess this isnt the place for answers........
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Re: G beacons in Southern England

Postby G4IJE » Mon 27 Mar 2017, 19:49

GB3RAL and GB3BAA are off the air and have been for a long time. GB3MCB was spotted today. GB3WSX is not listed on beaconspot.eu.

Have a look here:

http://www.beaconspot.eu/beaconb.php?ba ... &sort=call

You will need to create an account if you haven't already got one.

73, Paul G4IJE.
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Re: G beacons in Southern England

Postby G3TCT » Wed 5 Apr 2017, 16:57

Hi Neil
I can't hear GB3MCB today on 4 (but it's there on 6), so not clear what's happening. GB3WSX is being re-engineered and we hope to have it on air this summer.

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Re: G beacons in Southern England

Postby G3NPI » Fri 1 Sep 2017, 16:02

Just heard GB3MCB for the first time in ages. Thank you to the beacon keeper. Regularly audible in North Bucks.
GB3BAA and GB3RAL are still off the air. I have never heard GB3WSX.
Geoff G3NPI
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